RÜCKER Vega Lecker Mozzalina, 100 g

Mozzalina, perfection all round!

Vega Lecker Mozzalina by RÜCKER is, just as the name tells, a vegan alternative to cheese. Like the popular cheese Mozzarella, the vegan ball is packed in brine in a handy tubular bag. Vega Lecker Mozzalina not only looks like Mozzarella, the cheese alternative also tastes at least as good ast he Italian classic – and is just as easy to process. Have it pure with Tomatoes, in your salad or for gratinating on a pizza. Vega Lecker Mozzalina is among other raw materials made of hemp (in organic quality), making it a true protein source. Like all vegan Vega Lecker products, the Mozzalina ball too is free of additives – a genuine clean label product in 100 % recyclable packaging for conscious living.

The Vega Lecker line by RÜCKER also offers salad cubes in oil with herbs or chili and the pan and grill slices in the varieties natural, herbs and chili.

  • without additives
  • vegan

Vegetable food product from a hemp preparation

100 g contain an average of:

Calorifc value 377 kJ/90 kcal
Fat 4,5 g
 of which saturated fats 0,5 g
omega-3 fatty acids 1,0 g
 of which α-linolenic acid 1,0 g
Carbohydrates 7,9 g
 of which sugar < 0,5 g
Protein 3 g
Salt 1,9 g

The product may contain traces of milk, gluten and sesame

Transport- and storage temperatures: +4°C- +8°C 

Package (unit)  
EAN 4008960228164
Net weight 100 g
Gross weight 275 g
Dimensions (B x H) 135 mm x 135 mm
Carton (sales unit)  
EAN 4008960228171
Net weight 500 g
Gross weight 1440 g
Dimensions (L x B x H) 205 mm x 147 mm x 77 mm
Amount (unit/ sales unit) A carton contains 5 packages
Pallet (euro pallet)  
Amount (carton / pallet) 406
Amount (carton / layer) 14
Amount (layer / pallet) 29
Dimensions (incl. pallet) 1200 mm x 800 mm x 1223 mm
Net weight 203 kg
Gross weight (excl. pallet) 584,5 kg