RÜCKER Regional: fresh coastal cheese specialities for your farm shop!

RÜCKER Regional – the reliable partner for your farm shop! We have our naturally matured cheese specialities, daily fresh coastal farm butter and daily fresh coastal farm cream for you. All products can be collected directly from our dairy plants in Aurich and Wismar. So you can then delight your customers with natural, regional food from our family dairy!

Do you deliver your milk to the RÜCKER family dairy and run a farm shop? Do you have a small café or restaurant and want to stand out with exclusive specialities made from fresh, regional products? Then we have something for you! RÜCKER Regional is our service for regional resellers around our dairy plants in Aurich and Wismar.

We also offer our daily fresh coastal farm butter (only in Aurich) and daily fresh coastal farm cream in addition to our cheese specialities exclusively to our coastal farmers and regional retailers’ farm shops.

Delicious and environmentally conscious

Our coastal farm butter is really smooth. Spreadable on bread and ideal for baking cakes. We pack the butter in a retro look: in parchment paper, just like our great-grandfather Eduard did in the past. Our coastal farm cream comes in proven confectionery quality and is now popular far beyond the borders of northern Germany. We fill it into glass bottles, which we take back in the deposit system. Because sustainability plays a major role at Rücker, the topic of environmentally friendly packaging is very close to our hearts.

No additives, sustainably packaged

We do not use any colourings or preservatives in all RÜCKER cheese specialities. Pure nature, that’s our maxim. We also ensure that ingredients such as herbs and olives are totally natural. All our cheeses are gluten-free, and we try to produce them as lactose-free as possible. RÜCKER products are naturally suppliers of high-quality protein – indulgence and health go hand in hand for us. Subtitle: Cheese specialities based on old family recipes RÜCKER Regional stands for unique cheese and dairy products. We offer you naturally matured, tasty Northern cheese specialities that are particularly appreciated by consumers looking to enjoy and savour their food. All recipes come from our family, just like in the times of our ancestors, our cheese specialities are matured in the traditional natural way on untreated spruce boards.

The brand with a face

What else makes us exceptional? We are not an anonymous cheese producer – we are an owner-managed family dairy run by the fourth generation. Made by the family for the family – this has been our motto since our founding year in 1890. As a manufacturer with firm roots in the region, we are a brand with a face: we show you who we are and what makes us tick in ‘Das Käsehaus’ in Aurich, our family’s former home. We invite visitors to enjoy a cup of East Frisian tea there in the good parlour, where they can also get delicious Frisian ice cream and an insight into our history. In our cheese shop next to the Rücker dairy plant in Wismar we offer our own cheese specialities as well as coastal farm cream fresh every day.

100 % coastal farm milk guaranteed

We exclusively process high-quality cow’s milk from farms in Germany’s coastal regions in all RÜCKER products. All farms are located 80 kilometres from the coast at the most – and therefore close to one of our two dairy plants in Wismar and Aurich. Short distances, high transparency – this is how we ensure our quality standards. All RÜCKER specialities are 100 per cent ‘Made in Northern Germany’: raw materials from the region, production, manufacture and packaging at our dairy plants in Aurich and Wismar. Regional, natural food from the traditional family dairy – with RÜCKER Regional you cater to what your customers want! PS: We are also happy to supply you with recipe flyers, colouring pictures and brochures on our specialities!

Semi-hard cheese

RÜCKER Alt-Mecklenburger, naturally matured, creamy-mild, 100 g

Alt-Mecklenburger – a delight also in the Creamy and Mild variety.

The creamy and mild classic from the coast made from 100 % genuine coast-side farmers’ milk. Naturally matured for six to eight weeks on select Nordic wood and refined with finest red cultures – that’s what creates the unique mild but still savoury taste of the Alt-Mecklenburger.

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RÜCKER Küsten-Urtyp, Naturally matured, Caraway, 100 g

Küsten-Urtyp hearty-caraway, for the true connoisseur

Tradition meets caraway – we are talking about the Küsten-Urtyp, Caraway! Since 1890, its recipe has remained unchanged. Made from the best coast-side farmers‘ milk, we just add the finest caraway to it. Then it is matured with the finest red cultures on genuine Nordic spruce wood for up to eight weeks. A high-protein caraway cheese – not only to the taste of the “Northern Lights”, as we Germans call those dwelling on the coast!

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RÜCKER Küsten-Urtyp, Naturally matured, hearty-strong, 100 g

Küsten-Urtyp , the original coast cheese

The roots of the Küsten-Urtyp are closely linked to the beginnings of the family dairy RÜCKER: Developed by the great-grandfather on the Baltic island Fehmarn, the Küsten-Urtyp is our first recipe from back in 1890. Made according to this unchanged recipe and with the best regional coast-side farmers’ milk, this popular cheese matures on genuine Nordic spruce wood for eight weeks.

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RÜCKER Alter Schwede, naturally matured, Nordic-spicy, 3 kg

Alter Schwede, the old Swede that delights!

For sustainable growth at your cheese counter: Alter Schwede, the piquant classic from the Baltic Sea. Made from guaranteed genuine coast-side farmers’ milk by the family dairy Rücker. Naturally matured on select spruce wood for up to eight weeks and refined with aromatic red cultures – that makes this recipe handed down for generations a wonderful creamy delight which is even high-protein.

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RÜCKER Alt-Mecklenburger, naturally matured, traditional-hearty, 3 kg

Alt-Mecklenburger – traditional cheese enjoyment for your counter

With rich traditional recipe, made from genuine coast-side farmers‘ milk with consistent high quality and fine taste. For eight weeks, this special cheese matures on select Nordic where it is refined with rich red cultures. This is what gives the Alt-Mecklenburger its savoury taste and its juicy and firm consistency.

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Shepherd's cheese

RÜCKER Friesischer Hirtenkäse, Salad cubes in oil with herbs, 300 g

Friesischer Hirtenkäse, Salad Cubes – a versatile classic

That’s how quick tasty can be! Our Friesischer Hirtenkäse ,Cheese Salad Cubes with Herbs and finest rapeseed oil are the ideal addition to salad or Mediterranean casseroles! Made from guaranteed German coast-side farmers’ milk, our shepherd’s cheese is the only one with a guarantee of origin.

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RÜCKER Friesischer Hirtenkäse, der Cremige, with herbs, 175 g

Friesischer Hirtenkäse, der Cremige, with Herbs – even better

Friesischer Hirtenkäse, the creamy with Herbs is a class of cheese of its own – and will definitely increase your sales! It is extra creamy while having only 17% of fat and an especially high protein content! Its intense herbal taste not only refines Mediterranean dishes.

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RÜCKER Waterkant, Friesischer Hirtenkäse, naturally mild,
1.8 kg, 14 mm

Friesischer Hirtenkäse, Salad cubes 14 mm – ideal for processing!

Friesischer Hirtenkäse, Salad cubes 14 mm – ideal for processing!

Uniform cube size is critical for you? Then the 1.8 kg bucket of Waterkant Friesischer Hirtenkäse, salad cubes is your choice to rely on! Available in 14 mm, they are perfect for further processing to Mediterranean delicatessen. Our unique tamper-evident seal guarantees extended freshness. Please also note our other shepherd’s cheese cube sizes!

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RÜCKER Waterkant, Friesischer Hirtenkäse, der Cremige, 3 kg

Waterkant der Cremige – Creamy White Cheese for Antipasti!

You look for that one special thing instead of the usual mash? Then you must not miss out on our Waterkant Friesischer Hirtenkäse , der Cremige! Creamy as a spread but still firm, it is extremely versatile. And easy to process: The white cheese for antipasti is conveniently portioned and cut into six 500-gram pieces. As a tasty antipasti variety on a starter plate or on the Mediterranean buffet. Also perfect for dips and as spread.

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RÜCKER Waterkant, Salad cubes in oil with herbs & olives, 3 kg

Conveniently diced, versatile in use!

The RÜCKER Waterkant sheperd’s cheese dice are a cheese delicacy with versatile use to delight your guests. Waterkant is a genuine Frisian sheperd’s cheese made from fresh coast-side farmers’ milk. Naturally matured, it convinces through its taste and perfect consistency – without any added preservatives.

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RÜCKER Waterkant, traditional shepherd’s cheese, natural mild, 2 kg

Waterkant shepherd’s cheese in bread – an allrounder

Thrill your customers with excellent quality Mediterranean cuisine! Award-winner for longstanding top quality (DLG), Waterkant is your product for special demands. Ideal for further processing and mild-spicy in taste, our traditional shepherd’s cheese made from guaranteed German coast-side farmers’ milk is extremely versatile.

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RÜCKER Waterkant, Friesischer Hirtenkäse, natural mild, 1 kg

Traditional shepherd’s cheese in a can, a versatile delicacy!

wonderful consistency. Waterkant in a can is also very popular with lovers of ethnic food. Beyond this, it is exceedingly versatile – whether with salads, in casseroles or for grilling: a naturally matured delicacy from the coast. That’s Waterkant by the family dairy RÜCKER.

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Grilled cheese

RÜCKER Grill-&-Pfannenkäse, Herbs, 150 g

Grilled cheese in herb marinade – for thrilled customers!

RÜCKER Grill-&-Pfannenkäse, marinaded in Mediterranean herbs, must not be missing in your product range when you’re looking for regular customers! Full-flavoured cheese with juicy consistency that’s perfect for grilling and frying without getting runny.

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RÜCKER Grill-&-Pfannenkäse, Nature, 150 g

Grilled cheese with high protein – naturally Rücker

For more quality in your grill cheese shelf, rely on products made by the family dairy RÜCKER! For we never compromise. Our RÜCKER Grill-&-Pfannenkäse is 100 % genuine cheese. The Grill and Pan Cheese is a full-flavoured cheese with juicy consistency which is perfect for grilling and frying without getting runny.

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Vegan Specialities

RÜCKER Vega Lecker Mozzalina, 100 g

Mozzalina, perfection all round!

Vega Lecker Mozzalina by RÜCKER is, just as the name tells, a vegan alternative to cheese. Like the popular cheese Mozzarella, the vegan ball is packed in brine in a handy tubular bag. Vega Lecker Mozzalina not only looks like Mozzarella, the cheese alternative also tastes at least as good ast he Italian classic – and is just as easy to process.

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Butter & cream

Butterherz, german lactic butter, 250 g

RÜCKER Butterherz, German quality butter from the heart

German quality butter, cultured, in 250-gram packages are found a dime a dozen. But – not all of them are made from guaranteed German milk. Therefore, it’s good that RÜCKER is now offering something special: readily spreadable butter from guaranteed German milk, and it comes in a refreshingly attractive packaging.

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Interested in our regional classics from the coast?

All Küstenbauern products are freshly packaged on site and are made from 100 % coastal farmer’s milk. Would you like to receive our uniquely spreadable butter or pastry-quality cream? Then contact us!