RÜCKER Antipasti Cream, Grilled Vegetables, 175 g

Antipasti cream made from 100 % cheese with fine grilled vegetables, dip dip hoorray!

Like fresh from the farmer’s market: cold-stirred–warmly loved! The antipasti cream with grilled vegetables is not only cold – stirred, it is evenmade from 100 % shepherd’s cheese! Complemented with finest ingredients, it is an enhancement to any Mediterranean buffet. Also great for dipping.

Also available in varieties Herbs and Green Pepper with Chili!

Antipasti cream based on cheese (40 % fat in dry matter) with grilled vegetables

100 g contain an average of:

Calorifc value 682 kJ/164 kcal 
Fat 12 g 
 of which saturated fats 8,5 g 
Carbohydrates 5,3 g 
 of which sugar 4,8 g 
Protein 8,7 g 
Salt  1,6 g  


The product contains milk

Transport- and storage temperatures: +2°C – +7°C

6 x 175 g

Net weight pallet: 147 kg

Pallet unit: 140